Dr Ash Dutta on Manual Lymphatic Drainage

At Aesthetic Beauty Centre, all patients are offered MLD as part of the treatment process. Dr Ash Dutta explains what MLD is and what is involved in it.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a skin stretching light level massage to promote lymph to drain out of a certain area of the body, it is generally a short treatment lasting from 20-45 minutes. It has been shown to improve the aftercare of patients that have received cosmetic surgery. At Aesthetic Beauty Centre, Manual lymphatic drainage is offered to patients prior to any procedures as it has been shown to improve the lymphatic drainage of that area in patients.

How can MLD help in surgery?

  1. Toxins and metabolites area cleared out from the area of the procedure with the use of MLD, leading to a clean area to operate on. Some people will be familiar with a Detox, this is essentially the same concept but in a focused area rather than the whole body.
  2. An MLD will also reduce the pain from the operation as it can decongest the swollen tissue thus relieving inflammation and pressure in the area of the procedure.
  3. The effect of MLD on the brain is also useful post operation, receiving MLD can send calming signals to the area of the brain that usually registers pain. So, any bruising or cuts will be a lot less painful when you are recovering from the procedure.

In the past at Aesthetic Beauty Centre, Dr Ash when performing liposuction or any of the other surgical procedures used to advise the patient to find an MLD specialist outside of Aesthetic Beauty Centre. However, Aesthetic Beauty Centre now has an in-house specialist.

Do I need MLD for a procedure?

Although it is not essential, any procedure a patient now receives they are referred directly to the MLD specialist in Aesthetic Beauty Centre. This allows Dr Ash to offer all the services needed under one roof, this also allows the staff at Aesthetic Beauty Centre to give the patients full care from the very beginning of the consultation all through after the treatments have been completed. The quality of care can also be ensured to be the highest possible as Dr Ash and his colleagues will be the people giving the care rather than the patients going to other places for care. 

Quality control you can trust.

Having the ability to monitor and control all the care regarding the patients, the results of the patients who have received the MLD is also showing an increase rather than without the MLD. The offer of MLD also makes the patients feel like they are looked after better as we have received many compliments regarding the level of care revolving around patients who get treatments at Aesthetic Beauty Centre.  It is important to remember that basic exercise and a lot of water on a regular basis will also be needed to ensure a quicker and more comfortable recovery after your treatment.

If you have any questions regarding the procedure of MLD, please contact Dr Ash Dutta.

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