About Dr Ash Dutta

Dr. Ashish Dutta is a well-known cosmetic surgeon in the UK and the founder of Aesthetic Beauty Centre. He recently passes his American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery Examination which made him one of few doctors in the UK who hold this certificate

Dr Ashish Dutta says“In medicine most people come to see us due to illness or a health matter; however in cosmetic medicine or surgery we try to look after the patient’s aesthetic needs, improve their confidence and help them get on with their lives.”

Aesthetic Beauty Centre is a Northeast-based clinic in Sunderland, Newcastle and London. The ABC clinic and the team uphold the ethical value by giving close attention to each and every patient that walks into the clinic and understanding their needs.

According to Dr Ash, Cosmetic Surgery is very personal to patients and it is very important to take the patients view into account.

Keeping this in mind the journey through the process is divided into three different stages.

1) Consultation: The patients are asked about their views, why they want to take the surgery? and what they want to achieve? and if it is necessary the doctor ask them to go for a second consultation because the patients at Aesthetic are put in the centre before going further.
2) Procedure: The doctors at Aesthetic try to achieve everything the patient’s desires but sometimes the doctors may not achieve the result. Dr Ash says transparent is very important and patients should be informed about each and every outset even the nitty-gritty bits so they can decide for themselves.
3) After Care: The aftercare is most important for the patient because during this process the patient is recovering from the surgery and any complications or even a mighty bruising can upset the patient and at Aesthetic, the patients have the 24 hours access and Dr Ash is always available to attain the patient anytime.

As a doctor, Ash Dutta feels, if he can look after a patient and build a trusting relationship he achieves more.

This website is a platform where we curated all the reviews and testimonials shared by his delighted patients. Dr Dutta collects reviews in form of text and videos which his patients happily provide because of their great experience.