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Dr Ash Dutta is a cosmetic surgeon operating four cosmetic surgery clinics in Newcastle, Sunderland, London and Liverpool. You can find out more about him on the about us page or read his latest reviews below.You can also read his latest thoughts about industry insight onto our blog page and his latest blog post on Visia Analysis, Laser Treatmentand Breast Enlargement and Chin Augmentation, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Transaxillary Breast Augmentation and Melasma

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Dr Ash Dutta Reviews on RateMDs

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 Ms Haines Review on Vaser Liposuction

Video Transcript

Dr Ash Dutta: Good Morning Debbie, how are you today?

Patient: Morning Dr. I’m fine.
DR Ash Dutta: Uh, you have you Vaser liposuction about four weeks ago. Who did he kindly kind of tell us, how are you doing?

Patient: I’m doing really well. I’m, I’m really over the moon with the results, um, no problems whatsoever.

Dr Ash Dutta: OK.

Patient: Um, I’m some lovely flat stomach.

Dr Ash Dutta: OK. And, what are your experiences with that Aesthetic beauty center, would you be happy to refer your friends or family to us?

Patient: Yeah, definitely, definitely. I’ll definitely recommend to family and friends to anybody.

Rachel Brown Review on  Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) and Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck).

Video Transcript

Dr Ash Dutta: Good evening Rachel, How are you today?

Patient: I’m really good. Thank you.

Dr Ash Dutta: You had your Abdominoplasty arm lifted about six months ago. Subsequently, a few weeks ago you had your breast lift and your thailift. How has everything been?

Patient: Everything’s been really good. I feel like a healed really quickly. The Services is really good. So the attention and the aftercare has been second to none.

Dr Ash Dutta: The other thing that I like to think about is friends and family question, what do you be prepared to refer your friends or family to us?

Patient: 100 percent yes.

Dr Ash Dutta: And how has everything been done? How are you feeling in yourself?

Patient: Far more confident than I was. Um, the outcome was exactly as I expected. Probably better actually. I think I was always told that it was an improvement. Not Perfection, but I’m really happy with the outcome.

Dr Ash Dutta: Thank you Rachel. I’m so grateful. Thank you.

Mr Lisle Review on FUE Hair Transplant.

Video Transcript

Dr Ash Dutta: Good Evening! Mr Lisle, You have a hair transplant or three weeks ago in your own words, could you tell us how did you feel and how did everything go?

Patient: Great! the first day I came here to get the procedure was a little bit anxious. I’m tired because I didn’t sleep the night before because of it. Um, but when I got here I was totally done by your staff and got a coffee and a chat with you and then we went into the procedure and I must see here, um, it didn’t feel. I thought it was going to be a bit more painful or it was what I’ve got to see if I had more pain, get my wisdom teeth out and I did actually having this procedure done. The day when great, um, felt comfortable and had a good chat with you in between doing it, which that others don’t really good. Um, went home after the procedure. Everything was great and from, from then to now, it won’t get any better

Dr Ash Dutta: because of the type of surgery we do be happy to recommend your friends or family.

Patient: Definitely. Yeah. I’ve already assured everybody has been very interested. A couple of friends of mine who’s interested in wanting to speak about it, but I would definitely recommend.

Dr Ash Dutta: I’m so grateful for your feedback.

Denise Review on Upper Blepharoplasty Surgery

Video Transcript

Dr Ash Dutta: Hi Denise, you had your blepharoplasty about three months ago would you be able to tell me in your own words how are you feeling?

Patient: I feel Absolutely brilliant, the operation was totally painless, the bruise and swelling I expected afterwards was not bad as I thought it would be, and I feel absolutely fine, feels very great

Dr Ash Dutta: Of course the operation went very well, is anybody commenting on it?

Patient: Everybody, I have just recently been on a holiday and those that don’t know that I had blepharoplasty keep telling me how well I look and those who know are absolutely amazed by the result.

Dr Ash DuttaWould you be happy to refer your friends and family to us?

Patient: Ohh yes, most definitely.

Dr Ash Dutta: Thank You, Denise.

Denise had her Upper Blepharoplasty 3 months ago and she is delighted with her results.

Katie’s Review on Ear Lobe Correction

Video Transcript

Dr Ash Dutta: Good Morning Katie, how are you today?

Patient: Good Morning, I am very well, thank you! 

Dr Ash Dutta: You had your earlobe correction about, uh, two weeks ago and how is everything doing?

Patient: I feel since fine, yes the procedure went very well, it was quicker than expected and all the stuff for a friendly made us feel very at ease and I felt very confident in it.

Dr Ash Dutta: And would you be prepared to refer your friends or family to us in the future?

Patient: I would hundred percent recommend to any friends or family if they wanted any surgical procedure.

Dr Ash Dutta: And I’m really grateful.

Patient: Thank You.

Katie needed ear lobe correction after removing the 2cm ring which she had for years. The procedure was performed under local anaesthetic and she is extremely happy with the outcome. Earlobe reduction, repair or correction is getting more popular over the last decade and is a rather delicate procedure with excellent results when performed by trained doctors.

Facelift & Neck Lift Testimonial

Video Transcript

Patient: Dr ASh Dutta: Good Morning Sheila, how are you doing today?
Sheila, you had a face lift about four months ago and the neck lift, uh, how do you feel about the results and how you’re doing now?

Patient: Very, very impressed, very pleased.

Dr ASh Dutta: And from a results point of view, how are you feeling it? Is Anybody asking you any questions?

Patient: Well, my sister keeps asking. Same to me as anybody telling you, asking you how good you look. I see. No, I don’t mention it to anyone. She keeps saying they’re evil. I think that those, those look fantastic. You know!

Dr ASh Dutta: I’m really grateful for their review and uh, I look forward to seeing you again.

Video Transcript

Dr Ash Dutta: Good Morning Camila, How are you today?

Patient: Really well, thank you.

Dr Ash Dutta: You had your breast augmentation about seven weeks ago, could you please tell us in a few words how are you feeling?

Patient: Fantastic quality service from the beginning, communication right the way through and i felt really at ease.

Dr Ash Dutta: Thank You. There’s a simple question we ask would you be happy to refer your friends and family to me for any procedures

Patient:  Absolutely, without shadow of droughts, really really excellent service will definitely call back myself and recommend to the people.

Dr Ash Dutta: I’m so grateful Camila, thank you.

“Miss Mason had her Breast Augmentation at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre under Dr Ash Dutt’s care about 7 weeks ago. She is delighted with her results and aftercare.”

RealSelf Patient Reviews of Ashish (Ash) Dutta, MBBS