Mr Lisle Review on FUE Hair Transplant.

Video Transcript

Dr Ash Dutta: Good Evening! Mr Lisle, You have a hair transplant or three weeks ago in your own words, could you tell us how did you feel and how did everything go?

Patient: Great! the first day I came here to get the procedure was a little bit anxious. I’m tired because I didn’t sleep the night before because of it. Um, but when I got here I was totally done by your staff and got a coffee and a chat with you and then we went into the procedure and I must see here, um, it didn’t feel. I thought it was going to be a bit more painful or it was what I’ve got to see if I had more pain, get my wisdom teeth out and I did actually having this procedure done. The day when great, um, felt comfortable and had a good chat with you in between doing it, which that others don’t really good. Um, went home after the procedure. Everything was great and from, from then to now, it won’t get any better

Dr Ash Dutta: because of the type of surgery we do be happy to recommend your friends or family.

Patient: Definitely. Yeah. I’ve already assured everybody has been very interested. A couple of friends of mine who’s interested in wanting to speak about it, but I would definitely recommend.

Dr Ash Dutta: I’m so grateful for your feedback.