Ms Haines Review on Vaser Liposuction

Video Transcript

Dr Ash Dutta: Good Morning Debbie, how are you today?

Patient: Morning Dr. I’m fine.
DR Ash Dutta: Uh, you have you Vaser liposuction about four weeks ago. Who did he kindly kind of tell us, how are you doing?

Patient: I’m doing really well. I’m, I’m really over the moon with the results, um, no problems whatsoever.

Dr Ash Dutta: OK.

Patient: Um, I’m some lovely flat stomach.

Dr Ash Dutta: OK. And, what are your experiences with that Aesthetic beauty center, would you be happy to refer your friends or family to us?

Patient: Yeah, definitely, definitely. I’ll definitely recommend to family and friends to anybody.

Rachel Brown Review on  Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) and Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck).

Video Transcript

Dr Ash Dutta: Good evening Rachel, How are you today?

Patient: I’m really good. Thank you.

Dr Ash Dutta: You had your Abdominoplasty arm lifted about six months ago. Subsequently, a few weeks ago you had your breast lift and your thailift. How has everything been?

Patient: Everything’s been really good. I feel like a healed really quickly. The Services is really good. So the attention and the aftercare has been second to none.

Dr Ash Dutta: The other thing that I like to think about is friends and family question, what do you be prepared to refer your friends or family to us?

Patient: 100 percent yes.

Dr Ash Dutta: And how has everything been done? How are you feeling in yourself?

Patient: Far more confident than I was. Um, the outcome was exactly as I expected. Probably better actually. I think I was always told that it was an improvement. Not Perfection, but I’m really happy with the outcome.

Dr Ash Dutta: Thank you Rachel. I’m so grateful. Thank you.